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Danni Toma is joining De Eneste To on their upcoming tour

27.01.2015Great news! Danni Toma is warming up for the danish duo - De Eneste To - on their upcoming tour. And although some venues are sold out - there are still some left.
We are absolutely certain the concerts will be awesome, and we hope to see you out there.

Mont Oliver will be playing at the Lexington in London on February 17'th.

20.01.2015Mont Oliver are broadening their horizon - and kicks off the new year with a gig in London, UK on february 17'th 2015.
Tickets are only £7 - and it's going to be an electric night.

Darkness Falls and Young Dinosaur are playing #NorthernWinterBeat

15.01.2015Both Young Dinosaur and Darkness Falls are playing in northern Jutland - Aalborg, also known as double A, in the last weekend of January.
They're among other really talented artists, so it's most certainly worth time to visit the cute city and listen to some awesome music in the chilly january weather.

Darkness Falls full tour


Happy new year, peeps!