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My Bubba x #FakeDiamondInterview

01.12.2014So, My and Bubba, you’ve toured around Europe and landed a gig in New York; can you elaborate on that whole experience?

First of all: Sushi in the bathtub at Bowery Hotel. A lot of luxury hotels, private yoga instructor, towels. Big bathtubs. 89 flights in two months. Birdland dinner with Bubba’s father. Hung out backstage with Letterman. Bad donuts.
Many funny cab drivers; No 1 - Told us there are 144 languages spoken in his neighborhood in Den Haag.
No 2 - Told us his body is an instrument. Etc etc.
14 Train rides. Stranded in Brussels. Late night walk in Brussels. Champagne buffet in Berlin. Bad pizza in Brooklyn! Dancing long night in Amsterdam, old school hip hop, managed to avoid the white heroin going around. A sweet young man paid our bus fare when we didn’t have cash. Breakfast with Nigerian penpal on Lower East Side. Singing in the car with the twins. Northern lights. The Apollo.

You’ve also the toured with Damien Rice, how was that? And what’s Damien Rice like?-

He auditioned for our massage club. He was not too bad.

On your Facebook, you made a post stating the following “In the Netherlands they have pear juice with cinnamon. Aaoooo” - Can you explain that one?

We take great pleasure in tasting local delicacies when traveling, this was one of them. Goes great with Speculaas (Dutch cinnamon/marcipan cookie). We can also recommend Oldtimers Drop, and Appleball (Utrecht). We’re also into Cuban Food.

It’s probably relatively unknown that you two have other professions; My operates trains in Sweden and Bubba is a graphic designer. How often do you get the chance to focus on those professions?

Not often enough according to our employers.

And last and least, what are you girls doing for christmas?

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree!

"Non-American" music video

25.11.2014Young Dinosaur has just released their newest music video - Non-American - which is full of palm trees and rollerblades.

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Vinnie Who x #FakeDiamondInterview

31.10.2014FDR: Niels, why Fake Diamond Records?

"When I was 21 years old I signed a recorddeal with Warner (former EMI) and ever since then, we have been working toghether. My new record is quite different from the former two albums, I've released, and after negotiating with Warner, we agreed that I should try something new. I'm eager to try something different and learn new ways. Fake Diamond Records was the only right choice, since I'm used to working with label manager Kristan Nyholm, who has also been my manager for some years now. I thought it was a great oppotunity to take that fellowship to the next level." 

FDR: Can you tell us a little about your new single “Seven"; the inspiration, the sound etc.?

"I'm producing and recording the album myself so I spend quite some time finishing the songs, since I had to learn some tricks before the sound was like I wanted it. “Seven" was one of the first songs I did for the album. I remember one night when some of the band members  and I were just hanging in the studio, I played the song for them and felt strangely proud of it. It's not always like that, at all. So right there it changed from just a different sounding demo and turned into the next sound I’m exploring. It's clear that I love and am inspired by David Bowie and George Harrison, but I think that especially the bridge and the solo does an interesting mix between genres."
FDR: As an artist, it’s key to evolve. Your new album has somewhat of a new sound. In what direction would you say, the Vinnie Who universe is moving towards? 

"I would say that it always just follows my own universe and taste as a person. I've developed a whole lot myself during these past years and I need to have the courage to let my music go in new directions if it feels right. Just like when you change your way of living."

FDR: On November 14’th you’ll premiere the new album at Bremen Teater in Copenhagen. What kind of preparations are you performing before such a show?

"I'm with the band all the time trying to make all the songs come alive. It's funny, cause I made the songs and I was always thinking, that they should sound like a band playing them. It's a very weird band cause it consists of me playing almost every instrument, so now I'm trying to let go, and let the actual band and the respective members do their thing." 

FDR: It’s your birthday on saturday. Are there any symbolic in you turning 27 and your single from your new album - titled "Seven" - is that a coincidence?

"Ha! Totally a coincidence. I don't think much about my age, often I forget it."

FDR: How does it feel to get a year older, and what does Vinnie Who hope to achieve in the new year?

"Maybe I'm a bit more serious about my carreer now. Earlier I thought I was just lucky all the time, but I've come to acknowledge that if I concentrate real hard, I'm not that stupid a songwriter. So in the new year, I wanna write and record all the time, and I hope that it wont take much time before I got some new material again. But first of all, the plan is to release my new album and play a lot of concerts all around the world."

To Be a Hero

21.10.2014Young Dinosaur has made an EPIC debut album. It deserves to come out on a high quality vinyl - if you agree, you can now pre-order the vinyl by sending a email to with your name and address. Price 20 € / 150 DKK in a limited period.