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Giana Factory is this week's P3 - DRs "Ugens Uundgåelige"!

22.04.2014 Giana Factory´s "I Live At Night" is this week's P3 - DRs "Ugens Uundgåelige"!! Congrats, girls!
Make sure to stay tuned for the new video dropping very soon...

Giana Factory album cover by Andrea Galvani

11.04.2014 Giana Factorys new beautiful Lemon Moon album cover, created by the talented Andrea Galvani, shot on the road in the Libyan desert. "Reflection of light, darkness and celestial bodies are the opposite visual elements that Galvani orchestrated to extend our feeling of space and time. The presence of both night and day reflects the duality of darkness and light and the mystery strongly present throughout the album..."

Remember you can buy the Lemon Moon single on iTunes!

Broke in China


New video from My bubba!


Mont Oliver on tour! More to come


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