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Young Dinosaurs "To be A Hero?" is now available on vinyl

19.02.2015On thursday february 19'th 2015, we received a stack worthy of wonderful vinyls. 'To be A Hero?' is now available on the best format possible. And it's just stunning.
It can be ordered in the webshop - and we look forward to put a stamp on it - and send it away with lots of love.

Premiere on "I Forgive You" at The Guardian

10.02.2015The stunningly beautiful - and homemade video to OOFJ's current single "I Forgive You" premiered on The Guardian.
A lot of buzz is happening around OOFJ lately; they've been signed with american label, Ring The Alarm, and their EP, "Acute Feast" is set to be released on April 21'st, and the praises can be heard 'round the globe.
We're proud to have them in the FDR-family.
Scoot over to The Guardian here.

"Only Dreaming" is here

09.02.2015The second single, "Only Dreaming", from the upcoming album from Vinnie Who, has now been released. We're very excited to set it free, cause it is just amazing.

Danni Toma is joining De Eneste To on their upcoming tour

27.01.2015Great news! Danni Toma is warming up for the danish duo - De Eneste To - on their upcoming tour. And although some venues are sold out - there are still some left.
We are absolutely certain the concerts will be awesome, and we hope to see you out there.

Mont Oliver will be playing at the Lexington in London on February 17'th.

20.01.2015Mont Oliver are broadening their horizon - and kicks off the new year with a gig in London, UK on february 17'th 2015.
Tickets are only £7 - and it's going to be an electric night.